Market Research

Minimize risks, maximize results

Continuously Connecting You and Your Customer

Improving Satisfaction, Productivity, and Profitability

Give Customers the Opportunity to Identify what is most important

Influencing a brand’s value first requires an understanding

Consider people’s interests, opinions, and activities

Do you know your fans as well as they know you?

Market and consumer research strategies have virtually endless possibilities. The approach and methodology you choose will directly impact the validity and reliability of the data you collect.

This is why our clients choose MacKenzie to help ensure their efforts are focused, their resources return value, and (most importantly) their goals are accomplished.

To give your consumers what they want, you must first understand what it is they want.

Market Research

Understanding the customer is vital to the success of any business especially one that is looking to grow and expand. Customers are complex. Their needs and expectations are continually changing. At MacKenzie, we believe that one of the best ways to determine what your customers want and need is to ask them.

MacKenzie can help:

  • Our Data Processing team specializes in both quantitative and qualitative research through in-mail and web-based data collection methods
  • Our Production team handles all logistics of survey production (survey design, print, mailing/distribution, data-entry and verification)
  • Our Analysts work closely with clients providing multi-level reporting to meet unique business goals and objectives

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