Customer Loyalty & Retention

Build lifelong relationships with your customers

Customer Loyalty & Retention

While there are many strategies for keeping your customers, we believe that treating them with respect and creating a partnership with them is one of the best approaches. At MacKenzie, we work with our clients to create customized programs that automatically send personalized correspondence to customers at strategic time periods or trigger events throughout the year. Each touch point is based on providing timely, relevant, and personalized information to your customers.

MacKenzie can help:

  • Determine the best time and method to follow-up with your customers
  • Show customers appreciation at the beginning and throughout a lifetime partnership
  • Introduce coupons to your loyal customers or distribute product catalogs to keep your product top of mind
  • Continually monitor and update programs to reflect changes in behavior or the market itself
  • Work closely to monitor ROI on specified programs

“There is a big difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer.”

-Shep Hyken

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