5 Ways to Tie Your Direct Mail Campaign into the Digital World

by Jenny on February 5, 2013 Comments Off on 5 Ways to Tie Your Direct Mail Campaign into the Digital World

Over the past few months I’ve made the case for why direct mail is still alive and well (see Is Direct Mail Dead?) and talked about Increasing the Effectiveness of Your Direct Mail.  Today I’d like to address a related subject: tying your off-line direct mail program in with your digital marketing efforts, in order to create synergy and improve response.  Here are five things that you can do:

  1. Incorporate QR Codes – QR (Quick Response) codes make it easy for prospects to instantly access product demonstration videos, campaign landing pages, online order forms, and other information that will help move them forward in the purchase decision process.
  2. Include Social Media Links – Let recipients know how they can connect with you on all of your social media channels (and what’s in it for them if they do so).
  3. Make Use of Email – If you’re sending out an expensive mailing (such as a big color catalog), consider sending out an email first, letting people know they should be watching for it. Or send out an email right after, asking them to let you know if it didn’t arrive. For other campaigns, you can often boost response by simultaneously sending out direct mail and email with the same messaging, as one piece will serve to reinforce the other.
  4. Use Similar Messaging on Your Website – All of the information that is in your direct mail campaign pieces should also be on your website. If a direct mail recipient goes to your site to learn more about whatever was described in the mailer, it should be easy for them to do so.
  5. Include Digital Options for Reaching You – All direct mail should include a clear call to action. Including digital options for reaching you and fulfilling this call to action – such as email and website addresses, and possibly the ability for prospects to text you or scan a QR code for more information – is an easy way to increase response.

How has your company tied direct mail into digital?  Please leave your comments below.

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Jenny5 Ways to Tie Your Direct Mail Campaign into the Digital World