Athleisure Study: Data-Dig, Know Your Customer

by Jenny on October 17, 2016 Comments Off on Athleisure Study: Data-Dig, Know Your Customer

Whether it’s sales, marketing, or any other business objective, if you’re not digging into your data you’re not getting the entire story. If you’re not leveraging data at all, you are increasingly vulnerable to missteps. Allow me to explain:

We recently conducted a consumer study to better understand the habits and preferences of Athleisure consumers. Targeted respondents were from a prominent market segment; active female consumers, ages 18-34.

Among other interesting data points, we found that:

  • 55% relate to ads showing “people like me”
  • 42% relate to ads showing “people having fun”

While this in itself may not be a novel discovery, it does introduce an important point. In order to effectively communicate with your customers you must first understand them, and then you are better equipped to craft a relevant message. As it relates to your customers, who exactly are “people like them?” What is considered to be “people having fun?” Without definitive answers to these questions the likelihood of hitting the mark with your messaging goes down significantly.

This is where MacKenzie Corp. stands out among the rest; we are curious, creative, and customer-centric. We are always looking to uncover nuggets of truth giving our partners a strong competitive advantage.

For example, our Athleisure study found that 26.5% of respondents participate in group sports. However this is only the beginning of the story. As we segment the data based on age groups we find a distinct difference between those 18-24 (31.6%) and those 25-34 (22.9%).

So, messaging would be different depending on who you’re talking to. The better you understand your customer profiles, the better you can engage them across all channels.

In other word, perception is unreliable; stick with data. If you like more information on our Athleisure study, or how we use data to help our clients overcome obstacles, we’re always happy to chat.



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JennyAthleisure Study: Data-Dig, Know Your Customer