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Outdoor & Tourism


Cliff offers guided tours through the mountains at varying degrees of difficulty. It’s common for guests to over-estimate their level of fitness, and some guests have passed out due to exhaustion or low blood sugar.

For the health and safety of his groups, Cliff wants to provide snack options along the way but so far the selection he offers has been less than popular.


As his consultant, make a recommendation to guide cliff toward the best strategic approach for selecting crowd pleasing, yet healthy and travel-friendly, snack items.

Select one of the options below and take Cliff to the associated service page for more information.

Customer Analysis

Inquire within the trailhead snack shop as to what hikers typically buy for themselves.

Market Analysis

Research competitive hiking tours to see what types of snack options they offer.

Voice of Customer

Ask for tour guest input on snack varieties either before or after their hiking experience.

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