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Marketing Automation Station

Gain a better understanding of Marketing Automation through a first-hand experience.

Message Trigger

User Action Starts Automated Marketing Process

Message Track

User Action Processed To Determine Content Path

Message Delivery

Personalized Content Sent By Automated System

From this point forward, your choices will determine the messages and content you receive. The ultimate goal is to keep you engaged and moving forward through our pre-programmed series of communications.


To get started, simply follow the prompts found below for a first-hand Marketing Automation experience!

You’ve been selected from a highly qualified group of candidates to be a consultant for one of our most important clients.

To ensure things run smoothly we will need you on-site, so there will be travel involved.

As our top consultant you have first pick of where want to go, and after you choose a destination we will send you project details.

Where would you like to go?

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