Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC) At A Glance

by Jenny on October 7, 2013 Comments Off on Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC) At A Glance

Successfully leveraging a complex array of modes, methodologies and resources takes a highly skilled researcher who can thrive on the cutting edge of a rapidly evolving profession. The 2013 Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC) was designed by corporate researchers to help move you from relevant to indispensable by keeping you and your organization ahead of change.

Six Private Sessions for Corporate Researchers: In addition to CRC’s 34 educational sessions and 50 speakers, CRC also offers 6 exclusive sessions for Corporate Researchers only – providing you with candid insights from your peers, an opportunity available nowhere else.

Ideal Size: CRC’s ideal size maximizes educational and networking productivity and efficiency. CRC provides so many educational options that – as a practical matter – you will experience only what benefits you most. But because of CRC’s “just right” size, you will never be forgotten in the crowd. You can comfortably build a network of your peers to share solutions that can have an immediate impact.

Best Value: Designed exclusively for Corporate Researchers by Corporate Researchers and built from research into their needs, CRC has a unique quality – the perspective of industry veterans who have overcome the same challenges you face. And it’s a fantastic value at half the price of other conferences.

No Infomercials: Every speaker and topic is selected for their real-world value to Corporate Researchers. No speaker slots are sold. You’re guaranteed that CRC’s agenda is unbiased.

Practical, Applicable: CRC recognizes that often your budgets are limited and staff is maxed out. The presentations are creative, topical and cutting-edge, covering issues that matter now and providing ideas and recommendations that you can implement today.

45 Additional Opportunities to Learn: Recognizing that research providers can be instrumental in solving your research challenges, CRC partners with 45 top-notch suppliers who are required to staff their exhibits with educators, allowing you to learn from exhibitors on your terms.  More Info Here

Let us know if you will be attending and we will try to meet up during this event!

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JennyCorporate Researchers Conference (CRC) At A Glance