Got Lots of Data? Get Dashboards!

by Jenny on July 22, 2014 Comments Off on Got Lots of Data? Get Dashboards!

If your company is like so many others then you’ve got lots and lots of data. You’re practically swimming in data. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say you’re drowning in data, since you have no idea how to transform it all from “a bunch of data” into something accessible and useful. After all, unless you have a platform that enables people to use this data, it all just goes to waste.

At MacKenzie Corporation one of our overall goals is to help our clients to be more efficient by making better use of their data. We’ve found that dashboards are one of the best ways to accomplish this.

Why we love dashboards
Managers and decision makers are all pressed for time. They’re not analysts. They don’t want to weed through all of the details of the data to get the answers they need. Dashboards let them:

Save time – Dashboards aggregate data and provide summary information in a format that makes it easy to quickly see where things stand.
Access multiple data sources in one place – Many different types of information (such as sales, customer satisfaction survey, and production data) can all be pulled together from different systems and viewed simultaneously in one convenient platform.
Get the exact information they need – Dashboards can be customized for each user, enabling each person to get top level information and then drill down into the details that are important to them.
Get the entire team on the same page – With everyone viewing the same metrics.
Make better decisions – And improve the organization’s bottom line.


In short, dashboards can transform all of that data that you don’t know what to do with into the useful business intelligence that you need.

Want to know more? Stay tuned! In my next post I’ll be discussing the keys to successful dashboard creation.


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Jenny Dinnen is President of Sales and Marketing at MacKenzie Corporation. Driven to maximize customer's value and exceed expectations, Jenny carries a can-do attitude wherever she goes. She maintains open communication channels with both her clients and her staff to ensure all goals and objectives are being met in an expeditious manner. Jenny is a big-picture thinker who leads MacKenzie in developing strategies for growth while maintaining a focus on the core services that have made the company a success. Basically, when something needs to get done, go see Jenny. Before joining MacKenzie, Jenny worked at HD Supply as a Marketing Manager and Household Auto Finance in their marketing department. Jenny received her undergrad degree in Marketing from the University of Colorado (Boulder) and her MBA from the University of Redlands.

JennyGot Lots of Data? Get Dashboards!