How eBay Uses Big Data and Machine Learning to Drive Business Value

by Brent Williams on October 31, 2016 Comments Off on How eBay Uses Big Data and Machine Learning to Drive Business Value

We always have our eye out for examples of companies effectively using Big Data. While many companies strive to leverage their existing data, or collect new data to supplement their inventory, the challenge and complexity of turning data into actionable insights often inhibits companies from accomplishing these goals. Whether a small or large company, data becomes increasingly valuable when properly organized and analyzed. We found an article outlining how eBay is using Big Data to provide the best user experience possible, and assist consumers through the selling cycle in real-time.

“Digital transformation, while not new, has changed tremendously with the advent of new technologies for big data anlaytics and machine learning. The key to most company’s digital transformation efforts is to harness insights from various types of data at the right time. Fortunately, organizations now have access to a wide range of solutions to accomplish this goal.

The first challenge eBay wrestled with was finding a platform, aside from its traditional data warehouse, that was capable of storing an enormous amount of data that varied by type… For example, the company needs to keep roughly nine quarters of historical trends data to provide insights on items such as year over year growth. It also needs to analyze data in real-time to assist shoppers throughout the selling cycle.”


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Brent WilliamsHow eBay Uses Big Data and Machine Learning to Drive Business Value