Improve Your Brand Reach Through Target Market Research

by Brent Williams on November 3, 2016 Comments Off on Improve Your Brand Reach Through Target Market Research

As technology continues to increase communication capabilities and inter-connectivity around the world, we as market researchers are no longer bound to in-person interviews or paper surveys sent through the mail. Reaching thousands of people in a few days is a realistic proposition, and the ease of which respondents can complete and submit a survey expedites the entire process.

However, this increased ability to reach consumers does not necessarily equate to better data; it’s a matter of quantity vs. quality. If even a fraction of those thousands of respondents are not within your target consumer group, your resulting analytics will be skewed. Seeking targeted respondents who fit within your ideal consumer group will help ensure the voices you listen to are relevant to your ultimate goal. As technology continues to increase, a global sample size presents both an opportunity and adversity. The result is increased importance of balancing a high response rate with accuracy in selecting targeted respondents.

“As a personal brand, your goal should be to attract right customers for your business who show a genuine interest in what you have to offer. But how do you discover your niche?

That is where focused research comes in to collect important data and provide you with a well-rounded picture of your target market, which becomes a specific client profile. Your information should be narrowed down and as specific as possible – a clear picture of what your ideal client looks like.”


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Brent WilliamsImprove Your Brand Reach Through Target Market Research