Market Analysis


Know Your Market, Win Your Market

Gain a clear perspective of the environmental, competitive and potentially disruptive variables surrounding your business.

Trends & Opportunities

Keeping an eye on market and consumer shifts will allow your brand to remain mobile and agile; using foresight rather than hindsight to guide decisions.

Brand Differentiators

A detailed analysis of your market and competitors will identify attributes making your brand unique; thus enabling brand-centric marketing campaigns.

Pitfalls & Blind-Spots

By understanding market variables beyond your control, brand messages and value propositions will work with them; instead of against them.

Sales & Market Share

Tracking and analyzing your sales data is a valuable practice. Including industry and competitor data will add context to the story of how you are performing.

Is A Market Analysis Project Right For You?


Detail the Framework

Inspect the Competition

Specify the Game Plan

Measure the Impact

Modify the Course

Outpace the Crowd

Trends & Opportunities

Modern consumers are highly informed, strongly opinionated and in search of experiences best suited to their unique preferences. Keeping up with industry trends, both in terms of competitor offerings and consumer demands, your brand will maintain relevance and position as an industry leader; not a follower. So whether you’re an industry mainstay or a new player on the scene, there’s a common truth regarding market conditions – you don’t know what you don’t know.

In order to maintain relevance and capitalize on emerging opportunities, brands must keep a finger on the pulse of their market AND their target consumer groups. A detailed understanding of your environment as it exists today will equip your brand with the insights needed to capitalize on tomorrow.

Brand Differentiators

The challenges of today’s ever-changing consumer marketplace are amplified by the exciting yet unpredictable innovations of tomorrow. From tech advancements and consumer trends to government regulations and economic shifts, the key to staying active in the game is regularly assessing the playing field.

By closely examining direct and indirect competitors, you will gain a clear understanding of how your brand differs and stands out. It’s also important to keep an eye on industry disruptors so that your brand image is aligned with current market demands. This information will provide details needed to craft marketing messages that highlight your unique features, value propositions and competitive advantages.

Pitfalls & Blind-Spots

It’s easy to become narrow-sighted and overly focused on one objective to the point where surrounding activity is unnoticed; especially with the rapid progression of technology and emerging consumer trends. The most successful brands will occasionally take a step back for a high-level, impartial look at the overall market landscape for a refreshed perspective on how their business fits into the bigger picture.

Conducting a detailed Market Analysis not only acts as a preventative measure by exposing threats and potential danger, it will also uncover secondary variables that may be flying under the radar. This dual-benefit will swing the competitive balance in your favor by equipping your organization with the insights needed to make confident decisions; both short-term and long-term.

Sales & Market Share

By the time you finish reading this sentence a new competitor may have entered your industry and is now challenging your market share. While this probably isn’t a reason to hit the panic button, it should certainly pique interest regarding how your brand’s performance is affected by shifts in the competitive environment.

Whether purchases are being made online or in-store, you’re collecting sales data with every transaction. There’s more to be gained from this information than bottom line goal reporting, but it requires a cohesive strategy to put all the pieces together. Once you have a clear idea of your own performance, you’ll be able to benchmark and compare your brand against other industry leaders.

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