Data Management

We give you a Vivid Snapshot of your Market.

Can you confidently state what you are selling, where you are selling, and who you are selling to? For many companies it is not a question of collecting more information, it is a matter of how to best utilize the information currently available. By continually asking “why?”,  we dig deeper in search of answers to key questions surrounding our client’s business.

MacKenzie can help:

  • Plan how to best utilize your existing data
  • Combine transactional data with demographic information to tell a clear story of the entire customer
  • Review industry data to understand market share, lost sales, and share of wallet information

MacKenzie is able to assist you in gaining a clear
understanding of your currently reality.

What We Do

  • Data Analysis

    Examining how economic and market factors influence an industry’s development will help position your company to be a long-term competitor.

  • Market Analysis

    Through an honest and detailed profile of your market’s attractiveness and dynamics, the opportunities, strengths, weaknesses, and threats of your company can be identified.

  • Sales Analysis

    The challenge of staying competitive in today’s unpredictable business environment is further complicated by three trends, all of which have a significant impact on business decisions.

  • Territory Management

    Whether companies employ a large or small sales team, continual management of sales territories is essential. Changes in a sales team’s structure can occur for many reasons.

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