Successful Surveys: How will the results be used?

by Jenny on August 21, 2013 Comments Off on Successful Surveys: How will the results be used?

After writing the post Successful Surveys: Ask the Right Questions, [a discussion of how to keep survey research efforts organized, calculated, and focused through an initial introspection process] it was clear that each individual point could use supplementary insight supporting its value and explaining its practice. Over the following weeks, we will address each question independently in an effort to provide a deeper understanding therein. First we will cover the jump-off question, “How will the results be used?” Consider the following which discusses an ongoing research effort conducted by the National Football League in relation to the big-picture concept of generating a successful survey instrument:

The National Football League continues to develop its Research and Fan Insights Department. Recent years have seen the evolution of several independent, integrated research efforts providing a valuable overview of the NFL’s target market. Desired respondents, those who indicated they are “avid” NFL fans, were included in a study which produced insights as to the effectiveness and perceived importance of existing marketing/promotional efforts by official league sponsors.

The purpose of the study was to identify which sponsors made the biggest impact on the average NFL fan and whether or not it motivated consumption-based action(s). This information would be distributed to corporate sponsors, corporate partners, and relevant stakeholders. Here, the League established how the results were to be used in a manner that could be clearly explained to others. The resulting data collected would be helpful in sponsor acquisition, determining advertising spots, etc.

Survey questions were focused on:

  • Awareness of league sponsors
  • Likelihood of recommending league sponsors
  • Level of conscious support for league sponsors

The initial breakdown of information desired, and its use thereafter, offered a framework through which the survey cues themselves could be generated. Thus ensuring the survey was on point with the purpose of the research project overall.

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JennySuccessful Surveys: How will the results be used?