Our Services

For 30 years MacKenzie has helped clients gain a clear, detailed perspective of customers’ preferences and buying behaviors.

Why MacKenzie?

More than just another research company, we help our partners achieve their goals through our strategic data assessments as well as our tactical services. Whether you are looking to better understand and keep your current customers or attract new ones, the unique MacKenzie blend of curiosity and creative analytics can help you more clearly understand and communicate with your customers.

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Our Process

Initial Assessment

MacKenzie will meet with key stakeholders to determine the pressing issues clients are looking to address. Here we determine who should be involved (from both sides) and we begin to develop the scope of the project.

Data Inventory

Most of our projects revolve around data, therefore a key step is to inventory a client’s current data sets which will lay the foundation. This enables all parties to acknowledge available data, and identify missing pieces.

Project Definition

Upon completing the first two steps, Mackenzie can recommend an appropriate plan of action. As a result, project timelines, necessary resources, and cost estimates will be more accurately established.

Project Execution

After clearly defining the project scope, we can initiate the phases of project execution. This step will include daily, weekly, and/or monthly check-ins to ensure the project remains on schedule.

Recommendations & Next Steps

Once the project is deemed fully complete, we open discussion regarding next steps (if applicable) and client satisfaction.

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