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After years of privatized use, this powerful yet easy-to-use sales data reporting program can be customized for your brand, your industry, and your unique corporate structure.

This platform synthesizes various sources of data into one location, converting the flood of data into a consumable, visually dynamic format.

Measure Area Sales

Assess performance by state, county, and brand-specific sales territories.

Evaluate Dealers

Track and measure dealer performance, drilling down into various metrics.

Identify Opportunities

Pinpoint areas for new dealer prospecting and performance improvement.

Monitor Models

Drill down through product, category, and model for dealers and competitors.

Enhance Dealer Network

Track competitive dealer locations and maintain brand/product repository.

Atlas-Explorer helps users understand what sells, where and when it sells, and who is selling it.

Data Dashboard

View high-level insights or drill down using product, model, region, and dealer filters.

This dynamic data visualization feature allows you to view data from various sources on a single page.

Whether you are looking to assess overall sales or review the performance of a specific dealer, this dashboard offers a variety of filters and drill-down options to fit your needs.

It also provides the ability to set specific timeframes for comparative analysis by month or year.

Mapping Features

Explore areas of opportunity, market saturation, and sales reach by geographic region.

With the ability to examine your sales in relation to specific geographic areas, you can rank territories based on performance and optimize your sales reach.

You also have the ability to run reports or summarize data within each territory for a detailed understanding of location-based operations.

From high-level national sales down to street-level details, spatially viewing your sales data offers a different perspective when making important decisions.

Dealer Profiles

Establish more precise reporting and analysis on existing and prospect locations.

Leverage your sales team’s knowledge of the market to maintain a corporate dealer brand and product repository. You can quickly edit and update dealer and store information as their offerings change over time.

This enables you to track where competitive dealers are located, which products they sell, and keeps reporting up-to-date.

Industry News Feed

Stay current with headlines, press releases, and social media activity across your industry.

Rather than scouring the internet for competitor and industry-related news, you will have access to a regularly updated list of relevant articles, press releases, and Twitter activity.

This centralized news hub will enable your team to stay current with important trends and information related to your market.

By minimizing the time spent searching news, you can maximize the impact it has on your sales efforts.


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