Voice of Customer


Listen To Learn, Analyze To Act

Customers are looking at your brand, shaping their opinions. Actively listen and evaluate customer feedback to catch a glimpse through their eyes.

Brand Awareness

How familiar are customers with your brand and its value propositions? To best spread awareness, first establish what is currently known about your story.

Brand Perception

How are customers framing your brand in relation to competitors? Know how you're seen by consumers, regarding both image and comparative value.

Engagement Preferences

When are customers most interested in brand engagement opportunities? Whether online or in-store, collect feedback on their preferred brand interactions.

Satisfaction & Loyalty

Are your customers happy enough to keep coming back? Remove the guesswork of crafting memorable experiences by tapping into experiential feedback.

Is A Voice Of Customer Project Right For You?


Define the Metrics

Build the Audience

Create the Channels

Ask the Questions

Analyze the Feedback

Apply the Insights

Validate Brand Awareness & Marketing Effectiveness

For up-and-coming brands, or even established brands looking to expand their products/services, it’s important to answer the question, “Are consumers aware of our brand?” This is the first step in developing a strong, long-term marketing strategy and will provide a reliable benchmark for future reference. If the answer is unequivocally YES, then next steps can be taken with confidence. If the answer is NO or SOMEWHAT, then a short-term strategic shift or new initiative might strengthen the foundation and make future efforts more successful.

In addition to validating brand awareness, Voice of Customer research provides an opportunity to measure marketing effectiveness and better understand consumer communication preferences. For the consumers that are aware of your brand, how did they first hear about it? Where are they seeing your brand messaging and is their preferred communication channel being properly utilized? Even the most powerful brand messaging won’t have an impact if it does not reach the intended consumer group. So understanding the effectiveness of current marketing efforts is a valuable step before launching a new campaign or investing in marketing content creation.

Evaluate Brand Perception

As flawlessly as a brand’s strategic initiatives may be executed, the fact of the matter is – perception is reality.

The modern consumer is more informed and opinionated than ever before. Demands for transparency and social responsibility will continue to rise as new generations of consumers enter the market. So as brands plan for the future and position themselves to maintain relevance among the growing list of competitors, it’s vital to have a finger on the pulse of public perception.

By conducting a Voice of Customer Brand Perception study, leadership teams are able to compare their desired brand image with the actual brand image that exists within their target markets. Quickly identifying gaps between the intended and actual brand images provides the opportunity for immediate action. Making necessary adjustments to marketing initiatives in real-time is a much more effective and efficient approach to brand management than reflecting on past events with hopes of predicting an uncertain future.

Understand Brand Engagement Preferences

The Customer Journey is continually evolving which means the ways consumers interact with brands, and the order in which these interactions occur, vary from person to person. Modern consumers are looking for more than transactions, they are looking for relationships in which they feel valued and appreciated. This is true for each individual touchpoint along the Customer Journey, so brands are tasked with providing quality, personalized experiences at every point along the sales cycle. The first step in this process is simply building a relationship with customers.

The key to building strong relationships with your customers is to understand who they are and what they want. Voice of Customer research provides this information which will enable leadership teams to visualize target customers as unique individuals rather than numbers and statistics. It will support marketing teams in developing content and messaging that speaks directly to the minds and hearts of consumers, expressing a genuine interest in offering value. It will provide your brand with the data-driven insights needed to offer memorable experiences leaving customers coming back for more.

Measure Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Digital platforms, both social and shopping, have forever changed the consumer experience. At the same time, in-person experiences are still relevant and need to be aligned with the online experiences to provide a seamless, fluid flow between the real and digital worlds. Furthermore, consumers want personalized experiences that adjust as quickly as their preferences and favorite trends. This can be an overwhelming ordeal, or it can be as straightforward as direct and open two-way communication with your customers. This is the power of an ongoing Voice of Customer satisfaction program.

By understand what your customers want, listening to how they feel your brand is performing, and being open to improvement suggestions, you will have all the data-driven insights you need win customer loyalty.

That said it’s no longer enough to merely create and send a satisfaction survey. There needs to be careful consideration, focused strategy and creative development behind these feedback collection instruments. When done correctly, an ongoing Voice of Customer program is guaranteed to make a positive impact; for the brand and the overall customer experience.

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