Who Is MacKenzie?

Curious. Creative. Customer-Centric.

MacKenzie Corporation is a family run business with its founder’s twin daughters now at the helm of the organization – jointly leading the company through a strategic, operational and cultural shift. While the company mission remains the same [found here], advanced technology and refined processes have been brought forward under the leadership of this next generation.

MacKenzie staff includes analysts, database & application developers, marketers, project managers, production specialists, critical-thinkers, problem-solvers and all-around great people who are passionate about bringing client brands to new heights.

MacKenzie was launched from the curious and creative mind of our founder, Don Vivrette. His unique approach to problem solving forms the basic philosophy from which the entire company still operates to this day.

For over 30 years, curiosity has spurred MacKenzie forward, challenging us to find creative approaches to our clients’ businesses, to provide them with the data analytics and management tools to gain a comprehensive business perspective assisting them in answering their most pressing business issues.

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