We believe a people-first mindset is the key to success.

From customers and prospects to internal stakeholders and team members, our goal is to make sure your people feel seen, heard, and appreciated.

A Note From Jenny and Katie:

Over the years, we’ve seen our industry grow and evolve in some very exciting ways. However, one thing has remained the same; people want their voices to be heard. It’s the companies that listen to feedback and strategically apply the findings who will stay ahead of the competitive curve.

As a boutique customer insights consulting firm, we offer a unique mix of small business charm and big business capabilities. We carry a people-first mindset into every partnership and leverage our 35+ years of industry experience to ensure each project has a significant business impact. We’re here to empower brands with the data-driven customer insights needed to thrive in a highly competitive. But it’s just as important to develop meaningful, authentic, and long-term relationships along the way.

So, we continue to grow and expand our services in ways that allow our partner brands to have actual conversations with their customers. By understanding people on a deeper level, digging beneath the surface-level details, we seek to understand what customers are going through in their daily lives. Focusing on their thoughts and feelings as much as their purchase behaviors creates a more complete picture of the individuals behind the transactions. This is how truly authentic connections are built, and how brands establish a foundation for growth and evolution.

From a business perspective, we believe data and customer insights should be guiding future decisions and framing the next-level opportunities to explore. Rather than leveraging feedback to offer hindsight or reflective assessments, we pursue forward-thinking solutions and are leading the way for what brands can become in the future. Part of that effort is knowing how to report and present in-depth analytics in ways that are compelling, actionable, and consumable to a diverse audience of decision makers. That’s why we’ve built a team of creative-thinkers and problem-solvers who are able to translate complicated analytics to produce clear action items rather than a series of bar charts and data tables.

Through these beliefs, ideas, and processes, we’ve landed on a few realizations that showcase the essence of MacKenzie:

We are all consumers. This fundamental truth reminds us that our feedback surveys, marketing campaigns, products, and services are meant to connect with individuals who are as unique as we are. People should be treated with respect and shown appreciation at every stage of the brand engagement journey. But most importantly, it’s about having an overall positive impact on the everyday lives of those we serve.

Everyone deserves to have their voice heard. Businesses exist thanks to the trust and support of their people. When internal decisions are made, it’s only right they have a say in the process. In addition to being heard, people want to see and feel the impact of having shared their thoughts and opinions. The most powerful driver of brand loyalty is when action is taken based on the feedback gathered.

Customer experiences define the business. Marketing messages and branded communication are much less influential than the actions a brand takes. So, every interaction, no matter how brief or seemingly insignificant, needs to be treated as the most important touchpoint along the customer journey. Refining and clarifying the intended purpose of each interaction is an ongoing effort and a vital part of any successful brand strategy.

MacKenzie is a second-generation family-owned business guided by the core values of integrity, passion, collaboration, and curiosity. We are proud to be continuing the legacy that our Dad started back in 1985, operating from the bonus room of our family home in Mission Viejo. The business might look a bit different today than it did back then, but we are still rooted in the same commitment to making a significant impact on our partner brands’ businesses and continually exceeding their expectations.

Staying connected, building new relationships, and exploring innovative opportunities are always on our to-do list. So, we invite you to become part of our journey and we look forward to becoming part of yours!

The first step is discussing your goals to see how we can be of service. Click here to send a message and let’s schedule a time to chat!

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Our Leaders

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