We empower brands to make confident decisions through data-driven insights that maximize efficiency, strengthen effectiveness, and deliver results that matter.

A Note From Jenny and Katie:

MacKenzie was founded on the belief that businesses could be run more efficiently when they leverage data and customer insights. Over the past 35 years, we have seen this industry (and those we serve) grow and evolve in more ways than we can count.

Through all the changes, market shifts, and evolving consumer demands, one thing has remained the same; customers want their voices to be heard. It’s the companies that listen to feedback and strategically apply consumer insights that continue leading their respective industries.

Collectively, we have first-hand experience on all sides of the marketing spectrum. We’ve been clients, providers, creative agents, and analytic consultants. The demanding, and often thankless, world of marketing can be an obstacle course of differing opinions, conflicting voices, resource limitations, and moving targets. However, that indescribable sense of satisfaction when authentically connecting with customers, that feeling of accomplishment when a campaign accelerates a growing business, that excitement and energy generated by making a real difference… these motivators keep us pushing forward.

Through the years, we have organically arrived at a system of core beliefs that define the essence of MacKenzie:

We are all consumers. This fundamental truth reminds us that our surveys, campaigns, services, products, and sales efforts are meant to connect with individuals who are as unique and deserving as we are.

People want their voices to be heard. Furthermore, people want to see and feel the impact of having shared their thoughts and opinions. The most powerful driver of brand loyalty is when action is taken based on direct feedback.

Customer experiences define the business. Every interaction, no matter how minor or seemingly insignificant, contributes to the customer’s overall satisfaction. Leave no brand touchpoint unaddressed and no engagement opportunity unrefined.

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. The key is having a marketing strategy that is aligned with overall business goals. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution.

Guided by our core beliefs and driven by the opportunities in serving our clients, we are proud to be continuing the legacy that our Dad started back in 1985 – working from the bonus room of our home in Mission Viejo. The business might look a bit different today, but we are still rooted in the same core values as when MacKenzie started:

Integrity. We value the long-term relationships we form with our clients; built on the foundations of honest, respect, and appreciation.

Passion. We LOVE what we do. With deep commitment we empower businesses to make smarter, more strategic decisions so that they can build and sustain a loyal customer base.

Collaboration. Our success is achieved through the success of our clients. So developing relationships based on understanding and teamwork is deeply embedded within our brand’s DNA.

Curiosity. We have an innate desire to uncover truths and drivers of consumer behavior. The ultimate goal is to assist our partner brands in developing authentic, meaningful connections with their audiences while creating substantial business growth opportunities. Since each scenario is unique, so must be the solutions we provide.

Connecting with friends, building new relationships, and exploring innovative ideas are always on the to-do list here at MacKenzie. We invite you to become part of our motivated, inspired, and ever-expanding community.

Our Leaders

Our Leaders

Jenny Dinnen
Co-Owner, President, Sales & Marketing

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Our Leaders

Our Leaders

Katie Rucker
Co-Owner, President, Operations

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