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Research Strategy Workshops

Whether you’re focused on journey mapping, persona development, feedback projects, or simply want to become a more data-driven business, our half-day workshops will accelerate your success timelines.

Through this collaborative process, we’ll establish internal alignment on forward-thinking objectives, identify key growth opportunities, and collectively build a strategic plan of action so you’re ready hit the ground running.

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Brand Development Support

Get started developing your research strategy with these Jumpstart Surveys. Includes survey categories, topics, and results application.

Maximize the impact of your data by organizing your existing inventory. This will help avoid duplicate efforts and consolidate siloed files.

Walk through this document with your team to ensure the objective is clear and expectations are set prior to launching any project.

A detailed, step-by-step plan for gathering customer insights that will support your ongoing brand development efforts.

This strategic, multi-phase approach will act as a framework to support project planning and help guide decision making.

Build a holistic feedback and research strategy that maps out when, where, and how to leverage data-driven insights.

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Customer Insights Strategy Builder

The purpose of gathering customer feedback should be to support business objectives and decision making. So, there needs to be an intentional and organized approach to gathering, analyzing, and applying customer feedback. Our Customer Insights Strategy Builder will address those needs with a focus on your unique goals.

After completing a brief questionnaire (about 5 minutes), our experienced and passionate team will personally review your submission. Based on the details provided, we will create a strategic action guide filled with tips, recommendations, and next steps.

Customer Insights Strategy Tips

Survey Tips 1: Insights Strategy

Before gathering customer feedback, have a plan for short-term and long-term results application.

Survey Tips 2: Getting to Know You

The more you know about your customers BEYOND the transaction, the more value you can deliver.

Survey Tips 3: Awareness & Perception

Find out where you currently stand within the minds of consumers and the competitive market.

Survey Tips 4: Customer Satisfaction

the more detailed you get regarding a customer's experience, the more actionable insights you will gain.

Survey Tips 5: Back to the Basics

Short-term goals should definitely be a primary focus of conducting surveys; but not the ONLY focus.

Survey Tips 6: Lost Customers

Asking lost customers for feedback is how we identify and address the pain points that drove them away.

Survey Tips 7: The Best Incentives

Forget gift cards and prize giveaways. The best way to motivate participation is to listen and take action.

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