We are curious, creative, and people-centric.

Our approach is about empowering you to make forward-thinking, data-driven decisions that support brand development, growth, and evolution.

MacKenzie’s Success Principles


From customers and prospects to key stakeholders and team members, your people are at the center of everything we do. Our services and solutions provide the data-driven insights needed to thrive in an ever-changing world so you can deliver best-in-class products, services, and experiences to your customers. Carrying a people-first mindset into every project is a driving force behind one of our core brand principles: The only way we succeed is when you succeed.


Sometimes, the best solution is one that hasn’t been considered. Rather than staying within the guardrails of common thought, we unleash collaborative creativity in search of alternative paths to success. Strategically removing thought boundaries allows us to embrace unique perspectives, tap into collective experiences, and encourages a focus on solutions rather than barriers.


Consumer behaviors and competitive environments are in a constant state of flux. To maintain relevance in this ever-changing world, there must be an ongoing sense of wonder and curiosity. Each new finding has its own root causes, underlying drivers, and foundational truths. So, we dig below the surface to gain a deeper understanding.


Maximizing the impact of customer feedback and data-driven insights is the result of thinking forward, not backward. It is found through foresight, not hindsight. While past events offer valuable lessons and are important for strategic planning, we look to what has already happened as a guide for what should happen next. The focus is on gaining knowledge, clarity, and wisdom to support decision making and continued progress.


Everyone brings unique skills, perspectives, and ideas to the table. By tapping into these attributes and giving all stakeholders a chance to be heard, we benefit as a whole and increase our overall success likelihood. This is why we emphasize teamwork and collaboration throughout every project. It also feels good to empower others and give them a chance to shine.


The purpose of customer feedback and data-driven insights is to make informed decisions, not simply make observations. Through strategic planning and action-oriented results analysis, we make the next steps clearer and decision making easier. It’s our goal to generate energy and excitement around the new information because this is where growth and evolution happen.

Let’s put our approach to work for you.

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