The History of MacKenzie

As a second-generation family business, our story is a big part of who we are today.

1985 The Story Begins
Don Vivrette founded MacKenzie Corporation in the bonus room of his Orange County home.
The MacKenzie Story
1990 The Company Grows
We moved into our first office and launched our proprietary data mapping software.
The MacKenzie Story
1992 The Rise of Customer-Centricity
Expanding services include Customer Satisfaction Programs for channel distribution clients.
The MacKenzie Story
2008 The Second Generation
MacKenzie founder, Don Vivrette, welcomes his daughters to the company leadership team.
The MacKenzie Story
2010 The Family Business Community
We expand our network by joining the CSUF Center for Family Business.
The MacKenzie Story
2013 The Next Chapter
MacKenzie officially becomes a second-generation family business.
The MacKenzie Story
2017 The Company Evolves
Service expansion and strategic brand development initiatives take MacKenzie to the next level.
The MacKenzie Story
2019 The Hall of Fame
MacKenzie is inducted into the CSUF Center for Family Business Hall of Fame.
The MacKenzie Story
2020 The Brand Refresh
Celebrating our 35th anniversary, we launched a brand refresh; Be Relevant. Stay Relevant.
The MacKenzie Story
2021 and Beyond The Future is Bright
The Way Forward: We are excited for the growth and development opportunities ahead.
The MacKenzie Story
Today Let's Connect
We would love to have you be part of our story! Let us know how to reach you so we can discuss project and collaboration opportunities...
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