Let’s develop a holistic Research Strategy to get the most out of your customer feedback and data-driven insights.

To be relevant and stay relevant in an ever-changing world, brands need a steady flow of actionable insights. This starts with building a holistic Research Strategy that maps out when, where, and how to gather meaningful customer feedback.

Our Research Strategy Workshop will prepare your team to do just that. Together, we’ll create a plan to ensure you’re asking the right people the right questions at the right time, and outline how to effectively apply those customer insights toward your brand development goals. Submit this form for details and availability.


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1) Pre-Planning

We chat with your team to better understand overall goals, key points of interest, and who will be involved in the workshop. This information helps us prepare a productive and collaborative session.

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2) Workshop

We lead an interactive and goal-oriented half-day workshop built around your unique situation and primary objectives. Our 35+ years of experience are the guiding light, but your team is the driving force.

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3) Session Overview

After completing the workshop, we will provide a high-level session overview that outlines your Research Strategy; including actionable discussion topics, key points, and recommendations from our team.


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Internal Alignment

Being guided through a strategic planning process enables your team to think and brainstorm freely. This will provide opportunities to clarify, refine, and reach a consensus on forward-thinking objectives.

Strategic Planning

The purpose of this workshop is to build an actionable research strategy with clear next-steps. Moving forward, you’ll know what needs to happen and will have the framework to plan accordingly.

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Humanizing Data

To fully leverage the power of customer insights, we must realize that data is representing an actual person with unique wants and needs. Taking a human-centric approach will bring data and insights to life.


Survey Scheduling

Using your customer’s journey as a foundation to identify feedback opportunities that align with key engagement touchpoints.

Feedback Topics

Gathering relevant and actionable insights is about connecting with the right people and asking the right questions at the right time.

Insights Application

Collectively exploring the most effective, efficient, and impactful ways to apply customer feedback toward your short and long-term objectives.

Thinking Forward

Leveraging customer feedback to gain the data-driven knowledge, clarity, and wisdom needed to thrive in an uncertain future.


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