5 Keys To A Better Guest Feedback Program

by Jenny on September 6, 2017 Comments Off on 5 Keys To A Better Guest Feedback Program

It’s one thing to hand out comment cards or send a generic post-stay satisfaction survey. It’s quite another to develop a strategic platform through which guest feedback is collected, analyzed and then implemented to improve every-day guest experiences.

Here we’ve outlined 5 key points to consider when you’re looking to improve (or start building) your own guest feedback program.

1. Know Who Is Responding

It’s a common belief that anonymous feedback opportunities encourage respondents to be more honest. While this may be true in certain situations, by not knowing the identity of respondents your staff cannot directly follow up with guests in regards to their specific experiences or concerns.

2. Focus On Actionable Insights

Getting the most out of your feedback platform is about planning to act rather than planning to simply observe. This applies to the way you present guests with feedback opportunities, the nature of the questions you ask and the overall strategy behind why you are seeking feedback in the first place.

3. Be Ready To Move

When feedback data slowly trickles down the company hierarchy, by the time it reaches those in a position to take action there’s usually not enough time to take action. This becomes a “missed opportunity” and guests start questioning the value of providing their feedback. Develop a system of data collection and delivery so immediate issues receive immediate attention. This will show guests you are listening which will motivate ongoing participation.

4. Track & Measure The Impact

Arbitrarily implementing changes or new initiatives can end up hurting the cause more than it helps. Strategically address individual guest experiences, and then monitor ensuing feedback to determine whether or not your actions are moving the needle. This process will offer two significant benefits. First, it will establish benchmarks for comparative analysis over time or across departments. Second, it will enable the fine-tuning of your guest experiences in avoidance of unnecessary and costly systematic overhauls.

5. Keep Guests In-The-Loop

Following-up with guests is a vital part to any successful feedback platform. Something as simple as acknowledging someone’s feedback was received and appreciated will go a long way. Taking things a step further, informing guests of changes your company has made as a result of their feedback will strengthen relationships and motivate involvement in future feedback opportunities.



For over 30 years we have been helping brands across all industries strengthen and grow their customer feedback programs. Our experienced team of business strategists join forces with our data analysts to provide the right balance of planning and execution.

If you’re interested in growing or building your own customer feedback program, give us a shout! 

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Jenny5 Keys To A Better Guest Feedback Program