Increase Customer Sales by Better Understanding your Customers

by Jenny on August 21, 2012 Comments Off on Increase Customer Sales by Better Understanding your Customers

Case Study:  Customer Analysis


The Challenge:

With a desire to stand out among the competition and increase sales, Client wanted to gain a better understanding of where they are selling, who they are selling to and most importantly, how do they attract new customers.

The client desired a tool that would allow them to quickly and visually see market penetration. They also looked to understand the behavioral, attitudinal and demographical characteristics of key customers at a product and regional level.


The Solution:

The client turned to MacKenzie to analyze their sales data to gain a clearer picture of who their key customers are.

During the first step of the analysis, MacKenzie mapped sales data to determine trends, market penetration and potential sale opportunities with regards to under served regional areas. The resulting maps and analysis were drilled down by category and product levels.

The second step involved MacKenzie creating customer profiles based on imported sales data by utilizing the Claritas PRIZM System.  Customer characteristics and demographics were reviewed for each profile to better understand their likes, dislikes, buying behaviors as well as age, ethnicity and income.

The final step of the analysis was to determine where to find more like customers – with the ultimate goal of increasing sales.  By keeping with the concept that people with similar demographic traits tend to behave in similar manners in the marketplace, MacKenzie was able to make suggestions on key new markets to focus marketing efforts to attract new customers.

The Impact:

By taking transactional data, demo- graphics, industry data, and market information, then combining that with MacKenzie creativity, the client received a vivid snapshot of who their customers are and what products they are buying, tracking them against industry trends.

By providing not only data, but strategic thinking about how to best position their product, MacKenzie created action plans with out clients to move their company and product to the next level.

MacKenzie’s proprietary mapping software provided corporate, regional and store

level reporting which allows for tracking market share over time. Reports from this software can be shared with individual stores letting them know how their sales are comparing against their competitors in their area.


Curious. Creative. Customer-Centric.

With over 25 years of dedicated service, the MacKenzie Corporation’s Data Solutions Team provides clients with a comprehensive business perspective. And with an entire toolbox of services, including customer and market analysis, data analysis, strategic marketing campaigns, and more, our unique MacKenzie blend of curiosity and creative analytics can help you more fully understand and better communicate with your customers.




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JennyIncrease Customer Sales by Better Understanding your Customers