The Data-Driven Future of Customer Experience

by Jenny on February 15, 2017 Comments Off on The Data-Driven Future of Customer Experience

Long before a transaction takes place, brands are engaging modern consumers through various touchpoints across various marketing channels. Those brands that are actively tracking, reporting and analyzing data in an effort to develop unmatched customer experiences are frontrunners in the race to maintain relevance and market share. Those that are not will invariably fall behind.

Sales and satisfaction data are indeed valuable; however they are merely individual pieces to a larger puzzle depicting the customer’s journey to purchase. Every consumer thought, action, and interaction produce the ingredients for data-driven, actionable insights. The challenge is less about data accessibility, more about analytic accuracy.

Organizing and analyzing complex data sets from various sources is no small task. Without a detailed strategy outlining how and where resulting insights will be used, brands are susceptible to pitfalls, rabbit holes, and false conclusions.

Let’s assume your brand has obtained reliable data and has, through the assistance of a proven industry leader such as MacKenzie Corp, uncovered data-driven insights applicable to your most pressing challenges. A common question is, now what?

The ultimate goal of these efforts is to build a framework of relevant metrics and benchmarks to guide decision making. Upon developing a sound research and analytic strategy, brands are able to measure the effectiveness of their new campaigns or processes.  This fosters structural agility and allows for mid-campaign tweaks to improve success rates without disrupting existing efforts.

In addition to assisting program development, strategic analytics can identify consumer habits or trends throughout the entire customer experience; from awareness to loyalty. By understanding how customers have interacted with your brand in the past and how they currently interact with your brand in the present, forward-thinking decisions can be made to better position your brand for successful interactions in the future.

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You can also reach out to us with any questions or comments. Our passion is leveraging data in support of customer experience development, and we’re always up for a conversation about how we do what we do.

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JennyThe Data-Driven Future of Customer Experience