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“The Macktive Scholarship Program is just one of the many ways we are supported by our leaders, Jenny and Katie, to not only find a healthy work-life balance but also to practice what we preach. As CX professionals it’s such a great idea for us to get out in the greater Orange County area and gain first-hand experiences so that we can touch, see and feel what it means to offer unique and memorable customer experiences. We’re able to turn around and directly apply these lessons to our projects as we help our clients develop and strengthen their own best-in-class customer experiences. Oh, and what a generous offer for MacKenzie to pick up the tab! Thank you for this opportunity!”

– Brent



Brent Williams
Brand Development Manager



A day of health, happiness and self-care



Saturday, September 2, 2018



Planet Fitness, Tustin

8:00 AM – Staying active and eating healthy are two ways I try to live my best life. These efforts have made a positive impact in all areas, from career performance to relationships with friends and family. I have met a lot of amazing people and had a lot of incredible experiences running, hiking, swimming, and any other activity that gets me up and moving around. Even just a quick morning workout gets my blood pumping and oxygen flowing which jumpstarts my energy for the day.


Newport Beach – 15th Street, on the sand

9:30AM – Growing up in San Diego, the beach has always been one of my favorite places to be. Whether rain or shine, the open ocean and the salty breeze are equal parts calming and inspiring. Spending a few morning hours on the sand, drinking coffee, just looking out at the horizon… I can’t think of a better place to be on a Saturday morning.


Costa Mesa – Road Runner Sports

11:30AM – Since running and staying active is a big part of my life, it’s worth investing in quality gear; which of course includes shoes. Over the past few years I’ve been loyal to Road Runner Sports for my shoe purchases, mostly because of the level of service they provide.

The employees do more than retrieve different size shoes from their inventory storage. They spend time to ask about my specific activities and goals. They have a lot of modern tech equipment that scan and measure my feet to make sure I get the right shoe for my body type. They even video record my legs running on a treadmill to watch the positioning of my feet and ankles.

All of these factors go into the type of shoes they recommend. Then, I’m given anywhere from 6-10 different types and styles of shoes to try on and roam around the store. There’s never any rush. I’m encouraged to take my time and really test out each shoe to make sure it’s the right fit for me.

By the time I’m done and ready to purchase, I’m fully confident I made the right choice and that I’ll be satisfied with my selection. The entire process takes some time and the shoes aren’t cheap, but the product and the overall experience are definitely worth it.


Costa Mesa – Newport Float Therapy

12:45PM – This was the main focus of my entire day. A few years ago I heard of something called “Sensory Deprivation Therapy” which is said to offer a lot of health benefits such as deep physical and mental relaxation. While there aren’t scientific studies done to prove these benefits, I’ve done some reading online and the positive reviews vastly outnumbered the negative ones. So, after exploring Yelp to weigh my options, I chose Newport Float Therapy because it was moderately priced and had very high review scores.

As I gathered more information on what to expect from this experience, I found that I would be floating in a tank built to shut out all light and sound. The tank is half full of salt water [containing over 800lbs of Epsom salt] which allows the body to effortlessly and comfortably float for extended periods of time. The salt water is also heated to match body temperature so that even floating in the water has little to no sensory impact.

When ready, I entered the tank and closed the door behind me. The sessions last either 60 minutes or 90 minutes; I chose the 60 minutes to start, unsure of how I’d react in the tank. Just to be clear, the door is never locked so I was free to exit at any time, however once I was floating and had a chance to relax I didn’t think for one second about getting out. It was definitely a “different” experience being in the tank with no light or sound, but it ended up being better than I had hoped.

My goal was to have a calming experience, looking to gain mental clarity and physical relaxation. Wow, did I ever achieve both goals. After my 60 minutes were up, which felt more like 20 minutes, I was awakened by soft music which let me know it was time to get out. I showered off and slowly made my way to the front where the staff member asked how things went and wished me a great rest of my day. I felt like I had slept for a full 24 hours and it was TOTALLY worth the investment.

Having said all this, I will mention that the experience is not for everyone. I happen to enjoy practicing yoga, meditating, and putting in daily effort to be mindful in an effort to focus my energy productively throughout the day. So an experience like this was right up my alley. For those who are claustrophobic, anxious or afraid of the dark… this is definitely not for you. But if you’re open to expand your mind with a new experience and float away any physical discomfort, I absolutely recommend an hour in a sensory deprivation tank at Newport Float Therapy!




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Brent Williams is Brand Development Manager at MacKenzie Corporation. His optimism is contagious, and he brings a unique energy to all of his projects. While Brent carries an “outside the box” mentality, his ideas are conceptually based on his formal business education and extensive work experience as a Research Consultant for top-tier organizations such as the NFL, NBA, NHL, Red Bull USA and many others.

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